Free json-ld schema generator for a store location local SEO marketing - compliments of Floorforce

about this Json-ld schema generator

Floorforce does a lot of local SEO work for local flooring stores, we really like the new JSON-LD schema format, and so we created this tool to make it easier to create the script snippets for our customers.

Please keep in mind that this tool was made for generating schema for local stores

json-ld generator features

Json-ld generator tool

Fill out this form and click the button- you can click the generate button any time, even if the form is empty. (clicking the button will NOT clear the form)

If you have only one location put the following code on every page of your website, if you have more than one location, then put this code on each location page. Make sure you put this snippet inside the body tags

copy code to clipboard

validate the code at google's tool

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created by Johnny Niumata at Floorforce A digital agency for the flooring industry