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Steve Kelem
Dec 06, 2019
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John Christensen
Jun 09, 2019
They did a great job of refurbishing the hardwood floors in both my mom's house and our beach house. Recently, a wood floor register (vent) got damaged and they rebuilt and stained it for no charge.
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County Process
Oct 04, 2018
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Robert Foster
Apr 30, 2017
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TSG Enterprises
Apr 10, 2017
Installed an engineered wood floor and did a wonderful job. Even came back twice to get one squeaky board to settle down. Highly recommend them.
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Alfred Chappell
Dec 16, 2016
Removed carpet, replaced with laminate, very pro. work, competively priced, on time arrival, at finish floor was perfect. I will recommend Lambert floor Co. to any one large or small job. They are the best...
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Mallory M
Dec 10, 2016
Great service!
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Tim S.
Apr 07, 2016
Did a great job installing a vinyl floor in our kitchen remodel. Can't see the seams. Very polite and professional throughout.
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Adele G.
Mar 31, 2016
Work done in 2014. My experience with Lambert and Sons was great. I needed a floor repair due to termite damage. \u00a0They showed up on time, knew their floors because as soon as he saw it, he not only knew it was red birch, he knew the supplier was no longer in business. To top it off, he had a small qty of the wood to do the repair! The work was done on time and perfectly. You would never know that the floor was repaired.
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Zane Ziegler
Feb 29, 2016
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Feb 28, 2016
We used Lambert on three occasions. Very professional and kind when visiting shop. Owner helped us pick out floor. We received the quote timely and they showed up as scheduled, finished on schedule and they were very precise and meticulous with their work. Our floors are beautiful.
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Nicholas Howard
Dec 06, 2015
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Jorge Aquino
Nov 06, 2015
Not enough 1920's jazz playing in the background.
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Carol S.
Aug 14, 2015
We love our new vinyl kitchen floor! We are so happy with Lambert & Sons Flooring. \u00a0They do beautiful work. \u00a0It is a pleasure doing business with this company. \u00a0A few years ago, they did our bathroom floors, which we still love. \u00a0And our kitchen floor was overdue to be replaced. \u00a0It no longer creaks, and I have a soft cushion, easy-to-clean, non-slippery new kitchen floor.Thank You Lambert & Sons, and Thank You Yelp!
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David Clifton
Jun 06, 2015
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Karen Z.
May 28, 2015
Well all the other reviewers have \u00a0said it for me; this company is the best. Everyone from owners , office personal and installers were all professional and very easy to work with. \u00a0We have dealt with many, many contractors and Lambert's stands behind their work. \u00a0After they installed hard wood floors in our entire house last yearwe felt there were a couple of areas that needed tweaking . They advised we live with it for awhile, let the wood acclimate to the climate of the house and if no improvement they would fix it. \u00a0I believe Nathan's very words to me were "we are not going anywhere".True to their word not only did they come out a year later \u00a0and take care of the problem they came out again a few days later and refinished the floors again after my 5 year old \u00a0granddaughter walked on the wet floors leaving her not so adorable footprints.
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Ben G.
May 13, 2015
Lambert and Sons was on of the highlights of remodel. I originally did not want hard wood floors but someone smarter than me said we should do it. I have received nothing but compliments from everyone who has seen it since then. Nathan and Robert were and extreme pleasure to work with through the entire process. Nathan was extremely responsive once I called to ask for him to come look at the house and see what could be done. He was on time on made several recomendations that none of the other companies that came to bid even acknowledged. He explained upfront wwhat might cost additional and what steps to have done prior to having the floors done. I had my quotation with two days, it was highly detailed and broken down into each action and cost associated with it. Robert was quick to follow after that. He explained next steps and timelines. He worked completely around my time and offered to do the master bedroom and closet in stages that worked for me. The final product was exactly what we had asked for. After completing the the master I have since started on the rest of upstairs. Lambert has already completed two of the other bedrooms. They pulled scratches out of one room and completely replaced damage wood in the other room. The installers were great also. They were always early and courteous. They did the instalation always faster than they quoted. They cleaned up after and left the house looking like it was prior to their arrival. The installers went above and beyond in many instances. For example, they waited for me to get back from work when I forgot they were coming. Additionally, they helped carry in supplies for another project when the truck just dropped them off and I was here alone. To say I would recommend Lambert is an understatement. Now, I do not even use them when I am home, I simply give them the key, I do not question the price I just know the price is fair and the work is amazing. Thank you to Lambert and Sons for improving my house!
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Pete S.
Mar 19, 2015
We selected Lambert & Sons to install hardwood floors in our house in Cupertino \u00a015 years ago. We were impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and very reasonable prices. Nathan, Robert and Jarad \u00a0did an excellent job scheduling the work around our busy schedule and did a fantastic job completing the work as promised. When we moved to Los Gatos, we needed repair and refinish the hardwood floors. After receiving quotes from a number of \u00a0hardwood flooring companies in our area, we again selected Lambert & Sons for their aggressive pricing and professional price quote. \u00a0Again, they did an excellent job \u00a0repairing and refinishing the hardwood floors. A couple months ago, we damaged a very small section of our newly refinished hardwood floor (about 1' X 1' square). We were really upset and didn't know what to do. However, Lambert Floors came to our rescue. They came over right away, assessed the damage and for a VERY resonable price replaced the damaged boards and made it look new again. Moreover, they recently installed a beautiful hardwood floor at a relatives house in Cupertino. They were also very impressed with the prompt professional services they received. Many thanks to Nathan and his team, keep up the good work...!!!
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Armando Velasquezgodinez
Mar 06, 2015
Me gusta lambert x es grande?
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Natacha Santoro
Mar 06, 2015
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John Flikeid
Mar 06, 2015
Awesome school.
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Des Scroggi
Mar 06, 2015
Great school. One of the best in Georgia.
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Sergio Martinez-Torres
Mar 06, 2015
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Dale L.
Dec 11, 2014
Lambert recently refinished the hardwood floors throughout my home. They also installed new hardwood in one room. I couldn't have been more pleased with both the process and the results. Co-owner Nathan spent a good deal of time with me, offered creative and constructive suggestions, and gave me an extremely detailed bid. \u00a0That was the main reason I went with them as they certainly were not the lowest bid. The guys who did the actual work were professional and courteous. Special kudos to Robert who ran the job and was particularly patient and helpful. And when a special trim piece was needed at the end of the job, co-owner Jared came out and handled it personally. At every step of the project, there was attention to detail and the workers seemed to genuinely care about the quality of their workmanship. I couldn't recommend Lambert more highly.
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Dave M.
Nov 14, 2014
In the process of reselling our house, we decided that our pergo floor needed to be replaced by a newer engineered wood floor and I had 4 flooring companies come out to give bids. They all gave me bids that were expensive, but in the expected range. However, Nathan Lambert was the only one to take a look at my floor and tell me that it wasn't pergo, but actually an engineered hardwood floor that could be sanded! In fact, he knew who actually made it - just by looking at it! That floor was more than 15 years old, and Lambert sanded it and put down 4 coats of finish and it looks like new! And it cost $4k less than those other 'experts'! Do yourself a favor and at least discuss your project with them. These guys were awesome!
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Penelope O.
Oct 14, 2014
Unbelievable. These guys did an unbelievable job on our floors. We live in a 100+year old house. The floor in the master bedroom was painted, cupped and cracks had been filled with plaster. I really did not have much hope they would come out looking usable. We were having the downstairs floors, old pine subfloor, done while we were on vacation so I figured we'd get them all done at once. \u00a0Lamberts spent a ton of time with me before hand and were cautious in setting my expectations due to the horrible condition of the floors. I couldn't believe it when we got home. They are spectacular. The color has come back in the pine floors, they were grungy and dark brown in spots, now they have the most beautiful honey color to them. The bedroom floors were fir, they look so good, I was shocked. These guys were so good to work with, family owned and everybody is knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I only wish we had more floors that needed finishing.
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Helen K.
Sep 01, 2014
Because of allergies, I needed to rip out rugs from our bedroom and hall. \u00a0For the same reason, that work had to be done while I was not in the house so I wouldn't be exposed to dust. \u00a0After searching in many stores, and not finding the help I needed, I happened upon Lambert & Sons Floor Co. in Yelp. \u00a0In store, Susan spent hours of personalized attention trying to find me something I would like. \u00a0Also, both Nathan and Jared Lambert, personally, came out to our house to measure and bring more samples of flooring. Everyone was so professional and nice! \u00a0We decided on a pre-finished hardwood that would be installed while I was out of town.No sawdust, no waiting for lacquer to dry, no smell of chemicals. \u00a0 \u00a0Lambert & Sons came out on the designated 2 days and \u00a0worked until 7 p.m.the second day \u00a0to finish the job! \u00a0The floor is beautiful!!! I was thrilled to come home to find a perfect floor!!! \u00a0Helen K.Saratoga
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Heather W.
Jul 25, 2014
Highly highly recommended!!Never been more impressed by the efficiency, speed, accuracy and super professional job this company has brought forth.Needless to say I got the boss who attended to replacing my bathroom vinyl flooring.The result speaks for itself - Jared was immaculate and talented. He was in and out of my bathroom in no time (less than half a day), whereas others whom I've dealt with before took at least one day for the floor replacement in a standard bathroom.When I was informed that there was some irregularities with my flooring, I expected some delay in the work. I thanked him for looking into fixing the issue as best he could upon his mentioning that it was something he never come across before.Imagine my surprise after just approximately an hour or so into it, he told me that everything was finished and it was good to go. He cleaned everything smoothly and left no mess behind. The bathroom looks wonderful. :)This is one experience I will cherish because it is always stressful where home project/construction is concerned - and Jared made it a very pleasant experience.Also Jared, I enjoyed your wit and humor, and I am very grateful for a job well done!
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Mike Y.
May 30, 2014
Great customer service! \u00a0Susan helped me with identifying the match material to replace my damage floor and returning the mistaken purchase. \u00a0She is very patient and shows true customer cares.
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Rick C.
May 15, 2014
I am a weekend warrior when it comes to home projects. \u00a0I have built a couple of houses and many additions for myself and others. \u00a0I could have done my floors and stairs myself with the refinished floors (and have done them), but after they did their magic, I am now looking to include them in any floor projects going forward. \u00a0They not only matched my addition floor to the existing floor in the house, the house had settled about an inch and a half where they met. \u00a0After they were finished, our friends and family consistently pointed out how impressed they were that the new floor and old floor were interwoven and matched to perfection. \u00a0I was confused about the 2 bad reviews below until I realized they were mis-represented. \u00a0The brothers, and their team, were a kick to work with and I would (and have) highly recommend them for anyone doing floor work. \u00a0Incredibly professional family-owned business!!
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Calum McIntyre
Mar 06, 2014
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Rodney S.
Feb 13, 2014
Happy, happy, happy! Just replaced carpet and refinished wood floor and extremely pleased with the results!Highly recommend!
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Andrew M.
Sep 15, 2013
worked with these guys a few months back and had a great experience. I was quoted almost 4500 dollars and ended up only having a bill for close to 4100. Would very much recommend to anybody and will gladly work with again.
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Mar 06, 2013
I like it
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Steve S.
Mar 01, 2013
Very pleased with the work done by this company. They came out last summer to sand and refinish the front floors and did a great job. Now less than a year later we decided to do the hallway and back room, and again, great work. They needed to do some repairs, and that work was done flawlessly. What strikes me more than just the great work, was the employees. Each person I've been in contact with at Lambert and Sons has been great. I trusted them both times to work in my home while I was away, and as a new home owner that trust is not easily given.They came at the suggestion of my brother who had new hardwood floors installed by Lambert back in 2009 or so. His floors look great as well.
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Janey H.
Oct 24, 2012
The flooring we had installed in our home is now complete and we are delighted!!!We had wood laminate installed in the kitchen and durastone tile put in the bathroom. Rather than refinishing the hardwood floors in our living room, dining room, and hall, we decided to replace the carpet. \u00a0Susan, the office manager, as well as the owners, Jared and Nathan Lambert, are very knowledgeable. They listened and successfully guided us in making decisions regarding our final choices.There were five installers (Adrian, Elisondo, Mike, Pablo, and Richard) that worked on the three projects. We were amazed how quickly and professionally they completed their jobs.Without a doubt, we would recommend Lambert and Sons!
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Andrew R.
Mar 31, 2012
We hired Lambert & Sons to fix the work done by another hardwood floor refinisher. \u00a0The work included replacing a number of pieces of damaged hardwood, then sanding and refinishing to match the rest of the room. They completed the work quickly and the craftsmanship is excellent. \u00a0 We learned a tough lesson. \u00a0Lambert did bid on the original job but we did not choose them because they had a higher cost. \u00a0In the end hiring the other contractor was a major headache and the workmanship was just not there, and hence the need to bring in Lambert to do the repairs. \u00a0We should have hired them for the job in the first place.
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Sanjit C.
Dec 05, 2011
Lambert and Sons did an excellent job in helping me select and appropriate floor covering for my home. We went through the various issues that the floor would deal with and I am very happy with the choice. They pay attention to details and transitions to other flooring, doors and other transitions are flawless. Questions and problems that came up were dealt with immediately and the excellent preparation of the subfloor gave to a beautiful floor covering. Incredibly easy to work with the staff and extremely responsive. I know why they have been in business this long! I would highly recommend them.
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B J.
Jul 05, 2011
I just had Justin Lambert out today to give me an estimate on hardwood floor refinishing. \u00a0I was particularly impressed with the suggestions that he had for me on items that hadn't occurred to me. \u00a0Very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable after some 30 years in the business. \u00a0He answered all my questions thoroughly and I would not hesitate to consider Lambert & Son's.
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Margi T.
May 05, 2011
Last month, Lambert & Sons refinished the hardwood floors in our house before we moved it. First of all, they're miracle workers (and a family owned business to top it off). When I saw the pet stains on the wood floor beneath the carpet, I was nervous, but you'd never know now. The floors look beautiful. They did an amazing job repairing some damage spots in the laundry room and kitchen. The job took four days and the folks working on our house were super professional and trustworthy.Nathan Lambert quoted us on the refinished hardwood floors and recently new carpet in the bedrooms (an afterthought). The prices are very competitive and you're paying for quality work and service. Lambert also has some innovative new carpet products. Nearly lost faith in the service industry lately, but Lambert & Sons restores my faith. Looking forward to working with them again in the future on our carpets.
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Cam B.
Jul 10, 2009
VERY professional and helpful. \u00a0Nathan (owner) has an expansive selection of flooring products that he will guide you through. \u00a0Lambert was highly recommended by a neighbor who also had a project completed by them.
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Paula D.
Oct 11, 2008
I can only give them five stars? They are worth so many more! We recently decided to tear out our carpet and have our original, 50 year old red oak floors refinished. Unfortunately, prior to us purchasing the house, a contractor decided to put really cheap, dark wood veneer flooring in part of the house. It was ugly!Lambert's removed all the dark veneer, put down new wood, sanded and sealed everything and cleaned up. Considering we had about seven rooms done, we were shocked to not find any dust!The guys that did the work were very pleasant and professional, They told us when to expect them and what they were going to do each step of the way. We could not be happier with every aspect of the work. The floors are GORGEOUS!As far as the cost, yes, they are more than some, and definitely more than Home Depot. We've done enough work on our home to know that you get what you pay for. However, in this case, we got more than we paid for!Highly recommend!
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